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The fabulous Whitsunday Islands. Known for incomparable white sand and coral beaches, glittering aquamarine seas, and a magical undersea world of reefs. On a classic yacht charter holiday, you’ll surely take in the world famous Whitehaven beach. Perhaps you’ll anchor overnight to venture inland into the lush bush of the national park islands. But the highlight of your Whitsunday holiday will be the time you spend on your vessel, just you, your travelling companions, and nothing around you but palm trees, waves, and marine life. It’s a blissful experience to be sure, and you’ll want to get off the boat and into that glimmering water. The best way to explore the undersea world of the Whitsundays, with its resplendent corals and vibrant tropical fish, is by donning snorkel, mask, and fins, and catching a glimpse of some of the island magic. Want to have a fantastic time snorkeling in the Whitsundays? Follow these tips for the ultimate holiday experience.

Find the Best Spots

Incredible reefs fringe many of these 74 spectacular islands. Which will you explore? During the week or two of your yacht charter, you’ll want to see the best spots. Make time to snorkel in those places that offer rainbows of coral and plenty of opportunity for marine wildlife spotting.Hook Island has numerous great snorkel spots, including the Pinnacles, Manta Ray Bay, Butterfly Bay, and Luncheon Bay. Manta Ray Bay is one of the most well-known, with frequent sightings (during cooler months) of its namesake manta rays on the diverse coral. Butterfly Bay is a nice area to pick up a mooring, and the fringing reefs can be explored right off the island’s edge or from the beach.On Hayman Island, you won’t want to miss Blue Pearl Bay. The bay is situated around the northwestern side of the island, and there is an abundance of coral of all types that form fascinating caves and canyons to be explored. This is a very popular spot for both snorkeling and diving. Lots of fish will be found here including massive, iconic Maori wrasse.Want a very different experience of the reefs? Consider a flight in a seaplane which will give you an incredible overhead view of the reef formations. It’s an exciting way to see the reefs from above and to cap off a wonderful yacht charter holiday.

Choose High Quality Gear

If you’d like to snorkel during your Whitsunday sailing holiday, you’ll want to hire your gear from Aquadive, located right in the marina near Queensland Yacht Charters. It’s important to select professional, good quality gear when going snorkeling, or you may be stuck with a leaky mask, ill-fitting flippers, or a snorkel that is prone to breakage. The expert staff at Aquadive can assist you in choosing the best gear to meet your needs, ensuring proper fit so you’re prepared for an excellent snorkeling experience. Interested in stand up paddleboarding, fishing, or something else? We have many fantastic add-ons available for your charter.

Practice Snorkeling Tips

Once you’ve got your gear, put in some time practicing with it, particularly if you’re new to snorkeling. While using snorkel equipment is easy, it can take some getting used to. Practice putting your mask and snorkel in the water and breathing calmly and evenly. Hold the mouthpiece firmly in your mouth, but don’t bite down, or you’ll likely end up with a sore jaw. Your snorkel mask may fog up a bit when you initially use it. Snorkel pros recommend wetting the mask before placing it on your head to offset the fog factor. You may need to adjust the straps until you find the right fit and suction for maximum comfort.Using the flippers is simple and fun. Move your lower legs gently to mimic the movement of fish (or mermaids) and you’ll find yourself gliding along with quickness and ease.Remember to be careful around the coral. Not only can hard corals be sharp and some soft corals sting, it is important not to damage these delicate life forms. Avoid getting too close to the coral and do not touch or stand on it directly.Ready to discover the wondrous world beneath the waves? Get in touch for more details on booking your dream yacht charter in the Whitsunday Islands.

Are you ready to charter a boat? No licence required.

No licence is required for a Yacht Charter in the Whitsundays, unlike other locations worldwide. We offer a brief training session before you head out, for either sailing or powered yachts.

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