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A recent survey taken by the yacht charters industry revealed some very interesting results. At Queensland Yacht Charters, we specialise in offering bareboat yacht charters to our customers in the Whitsundays. What this survey found was that there are many people who really want to charter a yacht, and their number one destination pick was the Whitsunday islands. Unfortunately, what the survey results also show is that a disproportionate number of people have no idea what a bareboat yacht charter is, and they do not know the first thing about hiring one. We thought we’d set the facts straight, and hopefully dispel some of the myths about chartering a yacht. This post will outline just what a bareboat yacht charter is and how you can hire one for the perfect holiday in the Whitsundays. You Can Wear Clothes When asked “What bareboat yachting involves,” there was some division on the definition. Fourteen percent of respondents thought a bareboat charter was a boat with “basic navigation apparatus,” while twelve percent considered it to be “a boat with no provisions.” But startlingly, approximately seven percent of those surveyed believed bareboat yachting to involve “sailing in the nude!” Well, while clothing may be optional on the privacy of your yacht charter, nudity is not a requirement for this activity! Fortunately, nearly fifty-nine percent of survey takers answered correctly. A bareboat yacht is a boat with no crew. When chartering a bareboat yacht, you are hiring the vessel sans crew. In other words, you and your fellow travelers comprise your own crew. You Don’t Need Experience When considering chartering a yacht, you may be wondering whether or not previous boating or sailing experience is necessary. When polled, the survey respondents again were varied in their answers. Twenty-two percent of those surveyed believe a skipper’s licence is required to charter a yacht, while a whopping forty-six percent claimed a boating licence was a necessity. A small four percent of respondents suggested a learner’s permit was all you might need to charter a yacht. In reality? You don’t need any previous experience or licensing to charter a bareboat yacht. While some of our vessels may require a bit of previous boating experience, we offer a brief training session for all those hiring a boat with us. This gives you the security to set sail on your yacht with total confidence. It is not difficult to navigate the yachts, and we’ll make sure you know what you’re doing before you go. The Whitsundays are THE Yachting Destination In Australia, there is no place comparable to the Whitsundays in terms of tropical beauty. When asked, a massive ninety-two percent of survey participants said that they would choose the Whitsundays if they were going on a sailing holiday in Australia. The other eight percent gave responses such as the Gold Coast, Cairns, and Sydney Harbour. With stunning natural scenery, and the best swimming, snorkeling, and diving to be had, there is no better choice for your bareboat yacht charter. As the survey shows (as well as the hundreds of thousands of tourists visiting each year), the Whitsundays are the premier destination for yacht charters in Australia. Choose Your Own Adventure The final survey question asked participants, “how long could you stay on a sailing boat?” Forty-four percent stated that five days would be their ideal length of time and ten percent were happy to spend two weeks or longer on the water. At Queensland Yacht Charters, we start our charters at a five-day minimum, giving you the maximum benefit of a beautiful holiday. Charters can be extended, as you may find out you’re keen to spend another week in paradise. That is the beauty and freedom of a bareboat yacht charter. With your holiday in your own hands, you’re truly molding and shaping the trip to be uniquely yours. Spend your days moored in a bay, relaxing in the sun, or fishing for some of the Whitsundays many species. Or, anchor your vessel and take to the water for some snorkelling, or head onshore for some bushwalking around the islands. Whatever your pleasure, a QYC bareboat yacht charter gives you the reins to build the holiday of your dreams.  

Are you ready to charter a boat? No licence required.

No licence is required for a Yacht Charter in the Whitsundays, unlike other locations worldwide. We offer a brief training session before you head out, for either sailing or powered yachts.

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