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Bali 4.4 Whitsundays

Two major players in sailing have joined forces, Dream Yacht Charter the world’s leading yacht charter company and Yacht Share Mariner, belonging to the Mariner Boating Holiday Group which has been operating in the international sailing holiday space for more than 30 years.

In this joint venture, Yacht Share Mariner is offering shares in a fleet of luxury yachts, with the first of the fleet a Bali 4.4, recognizable at first glance thanks to the new design of her hulls with fine bows and her new very elegant lines designed by Xavier Fäy and Samer Lasta and benefitting from all the innovations pioneered by Catana Group which are the DNA of the BALI Catamaran Range.

The Yacht Share offer includes all servicing and maintenance, and will be based at our Dream Yacht Charter base in the Whitsundays (Queensland Yacht Charters) located in Coral Sea Marina, Airlie Beach, in what is a ‘walk-on, walk-off’ service.

Walk on, walk off:

  • You book your time online, pack your bags, travel to the base, untie the ropes and set off on your journey.
  • We offer advice for your itinerary and are available with help during your voyage should you need it.
  • We do the rest.
  • No hassles and complete freedom.


There has been strong interest in shares with 4 shares already sold.

“Our mission is your enjoyment and with your experience on the water comes confidence and the safety of your family and friends who you will most certainly invite to share your experience on this magnificent yacht if you purchase a share”.

A mandatory 2-day induction course on the Bali will be available once she comes into service in July next year.

A qualified skipper/instructor will be on board for the two days to familiarize you with all aspects of the safe operation of the Bali 4.4 and its systems and culminating in YSM endorsement of your competence in the handling of the vessel. There will be a detailed curriculum for this course to cover all aspects of managing the yacht. You may choose to add these two days to your first cruise on board as skipper.

The cost of this course is included in the price of a share in the Bali 4.4 and the two days on the water will not be part of your 6 week entitlement. You can include the overnight or take two separate days out of the Coral Sea marina if you prefer.

Please contact us for pricing.

The Yacht Share offer will consist of eight shares in each yacht, which entitles owners to six weeks of unrestricted usage each year. Under this system, capital costs and running expenses are shared across all owners, with Dream Yacht doing all the before and after-sailing care so that owners can walk straight on and off and maximise their sailing time.

Included in this new venture will be the opportunity to purchase shares in the first Bali 4.4.

Dream Yacht Sales is the Australian distributor of this exciting new Bali Catamaran range from Catana in France.

Syndicated yacht ownership with Dream Yacht Charter and Yacht Share Mariner is the stress-free passport to set off on your voyage of discovery – all you need to do is place your bags on board and cast off. We manage the rest! 

In the Whitsundays

Key Points:
1: Maximum of 8 owners per yacht

2: Each owner has 6 weeks usage
3: Yacht based at Coral Sea Marina, Airlie Beach
4: Flexible usage and freedom to explore

Each yacht in the Whitsundays syndication program has a maximum of 8 ownership units.

The Whitsunday based fleet will be managed to sail from the main base in Coral Sea Marina, Airlie Beach, Queensland.

Usage begins in the afternoon of the first day and ends by 10.00 AM on the disembarkation day unless otherwise agreed.

With the agreement of the syndicate members the yacht may be delivered to and returned for pick-up to another port e.g Hamilton Island by a professional crew, in which case transit time is not counted as part of owner usage, but the cost is shared by the owners. 

Boats Available for Shared Ownership

Bali 4.4

How does a Syndicate Work?

Key Points:

  1. Equity Ownership – You are Tenants in Common
  2. Walk on Walk off
  3. Assistance available before, after and during
  4. Yacht is not available for charter

Joining a Syndicate

This will not only please your accountant as your cost of a yacht is shared but it also enriches your sailing experience. It also gives you access to a wealth of knowledge that comes from our personal experience sailing in most of the oceans of the world.

Example: Bali 4.4 Whitsundays

  1. A 1/8th share is on offer – delivered Australia and including duty, GST, clearing and commissioning. 
  2. There is a monthly fee which includes all servicing, routine maintenance, berthing, insurance, cleaning, laundry and reception by Dream Yacht Charters, Airlie Beach and management by YSM.
  3. Each share carries 6 weeks usage with no restriction on the time of usage inside the entitlement.
  4. To join the syndicate there will be the following terms:

    • The prospective buyer will pay an application fee of and will receive the syndicate agreement draft.
    • If he/she notifies intention not to proceed in 7 days, the application fee will be refunded in full.
    • If the terms of the agreement are accepted and he/she notifies YSM accordingly, YSM will issue an invoice for the share to be paid within 7 days.
    • The application fee becomes the security deposit and is refundable at the end of the 3-year contract.
    • The buyer will then be a member of the syndicate under the terms of the agreement and will be invited to participate in the selection of the final options and equipment to be purchased for the yacht.

What does it cost?

The price of a share in a syndicate varies and reflects the cost of the yacht plus the factory and other options, the full cruising equipment and the delivery.

Syndicate partners may take more than one share.

A share owner may offer a share for sale at any time.

At the end of the three-year management contract the yacht is offered for sale and the proceeds shared between the share-holders, or the management agreement can be extended.

Technical Service and Management in Australia

Each share is entitled to 6 weeks usage per year with a maximum of 8 shares. There are no restrictions on the duration of each usage during that entitlement.

4 weeks are kept free for annual maintenance and transits during the year. 

Last minute bookings can be made on a space available basis. 

The fees for technical service and management are all inclusive and payable monthly.

The inclusions are all listed below:

• Berthing of the vessel in a full service marina
• Comprehensive Insurance for the vessel
• Cleaning of the vessel after use
• Annual slipping
• Annual antifouling and hull polishing
• Engine services – two per year
• Sail-drive/leg service – one per year
• Regular engine check-ups including top-ups on oil, batteries, water, etc
• Vessel maintenance at approved facilities
Note: repairs requested outside of the home base may attract a charge for the owner requesting the repair
• Laundry service at turnaround
• Underwater inspection and hull scrubs
Please note that loss, damage or repair necessitated by improper use will be handled on a case by case basis and may be charged to the owner using the boat.

Interested in Shared Ownership or Have Additional Questions?

Send us a message using the form below and we’ll be happy to help!

Are you ready to charter a boat? No licence required.

No licence is required for a Yacht Charter in the Whitsundays, unlike other locations worldwide. We offer a brief training session before you head out, for either sailing or powered yachts.

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