Bianca Cook & Christophe Vanek Talk Women at Sea

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Bianca Cook and Christophe Vanek Talk Women at Sea


Pioneering Sailor, Bianca Cook, talks to Dream Yacht Charter’s Managing Director,  Christophe Vanek, about women becoming a force in the sailing world. While there is still a number of challenges women at sea have to face, their presence is becoming more the norm rather than the exception. 


Bianca Cook is currently on a nationwide tour of New Zealand to spread the word about her latest mission – to become the first Kiwi woman to skipper a boat in The Ocean Race in 2021. Cook has already secured a yacht for the iconic round-the-world yacht race, now she just needs the money and as many kiwis as possible! Read more about Bianca Cook’s campaign to get a kiwi team lining up in 2021.


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