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Struggling to pick out that perfect Christmas gift for your significant other or your family? Why not consider announcing an incredible holiday already booked and planned for the upcoming year? Your loved ones will be so excited about their Whitsunday yacht charter that they’ll be talking about it throughout the entire Christmas season—and it will fill your New Year’s celebrations with great anticipation. Not only will your travel partners love the gift, there’s a unique benefit to this type of experiential present. This gift includes you, too! A win win situation. Together you and your friends and/or family will enjoy a special treat in the unbelievable islands of the Whitsundays. Here are some more reasons to choose a Whitsunday yacht charter this holiday season.

You Can Start the New Year Off Right

When the new year starts, we often make resolutions or set intentions for the coming twelve months. Many of these have to do with leading a healthier, more relaxed lifestyle, or with focusing more on what truly matters. With a sailing holiday on the horizon, you can be on your way to achieving resolutions like spending more time with family, “living in the moment” more often, or getting outside regularly. As for relaxing, no place may be as tranquil and serene as these 74 tropical islands. As soon as you set foot on your chartered yacht, your cares and worries will drift away with the ocean breeze.

An Experience is the Best Gift of All

Material gifts are out; experiential gifts are in. While your family might appreciate new clothing, the latest gadget, or a slew of toys, research shows that experiences make people happier than material items do. And you probably know this to be true from your own life. While we rarely remember the birthday gifts we received five years ago, we’ll never forget trips and journeys taken with loved ones. From childhood family holidays to romantic adult getaways, experiences are the type of memories that never fade.

You’ll Save Money With Our Great Deals

You could start the new year off with a bang with a sailing holiday in the first three months. Here at Queensland Yacht Charters, our low season prices offer tremendous value to our guests. In January, February, and March, these islands are a bit less crowded, letting you and your travelling companions feel like intrepid explorers. Head out and discover the Whitsundays’ impressive beaches, intriguing hiking trails, and spectacular coral reefs. Our low season rates are available from January 15 – March 31 2017. During this special period, you can pay for 4 nights and sail 7. For a detailed quote and to check availability, call us now on (07) 4946 7400, as these deals will go fast!

Whitsunday Yacht Charter: a Gift That Keeps on Giving

Not only does a Whitsunday yacht charter provide priceless memories for your loved ones, it might even be life-changing. Kids who experience sailing holidays with their families often grow up with a deep love of the sea and an expanded sense of adventure. The confidence and teamwork gained by the whole “crew” during your charter will also continue long after you’ve returned to port. In many ways, a yacht charter is the gift that keeps on giving. Want to give your family a holiday that will create magical memories? Get in touch with our friendly Queensland Yacht Charters team today for more details on sailing with us.

Are you ready to charter a boat? No licence required.

No licence is required for a Yacht Charter in the Whitsundays, unlike other locations worldwide. We offer a brief training session before you head out, for either sailing or powered yachts.

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