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Fishing in the Whitsundays is one of the top activities for tourists and locals alike. These warm, clear blue waters offer some incredible fishing, and there are a whole ‘lotta fish in the sea! Here are 8 kinds of fish you can hope to catch while fishing in the Whitsundays.

Coral Trout

These are one of the most popular types of fish in the Whitsundays. Delicious in taste, these fish live in the holes around reefs and other underwater structures. Colours of these trout can range from light pink to bright yellow to dark brown. The waters around Hayman Island and the fringing reefs close to Whitsunday Island are a prime spot to catch these fish.

Spanish Mackerel

Shute Jetty is a great place to look for these big fish. They are especially present around the Whitsundays from May to October. Spanish Mackerel, a more solitary species, are best caught while trolling with live bait or using larger lures in the same areas as tuna.

Mackerel Tuna

These fish are plentiful for most of the year around the Whitsunday Islands. You can locate them by spotting the sea birds hovering over the water nearby.

Giant Trevally

Giant Trevally, or GT’s are a very common species of Whitsundays fish, particularly in the warmer months. Recommended spots to locate them include: long rocky points, large bommies, rocky passages, and areas with nearby deep water.


Queenfish, a top saltwater sportfish, are found mostly during the cooler months. Ideal spots for Queenfish are around sandy flats and rocky points. Queenfish will be found often among areas containing many other baitfish. It can be fun to catch Queenfish, as they will actively chase lures and provide an entertaining show.

Spangled Emperor

Spangled Emperor are found swimming in schools among reefs and around the sandy-bottomed flats. They are best caught with lightweight bait, and patience is required, as striking early will often cause the Spangles to let go of the bait too soon.

Grassy Sweetlip

Reef fish, like the Grassy Sweetlip, are some of the best eating fish. Seasoned fishermen recommend finding a drop off around these areas and fishing with squid and fresh flesh baits to reel in reef-dwelling species such as the Grassy Sweetlip.


A mildly flavoured whitefish, Barramundi will best be found by spending time in coastal areas, along sandy flats and in estuaries. The Proserpine River is an ideal spot for catching Barramundi. These fish are often found along the river edges, clustered around shady areas on the water.

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