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No travel venture is complete without delicious dining experiences. While some foodie travellers head off in search of the world’s best dishes, you don’t have to dine in Rome or New York to eat well. In fact, the best travel experiences combine fun and adventure with satisfying, tasty meal options right in one location. For your Whitsunday yacht charter, you can have it all!

Well-equipped kitchen spaces aboard our Queensland Yacht Charter vessels means you’re able to prepare fresh meals during your sailing holiday. Imagine sitting down to a wonderful dinner after a day of snorkelling, swimming, and sunning? It sounds like the perfect end to a perfect day, doesn’t it? We’ve come up with just a couple of great meal ideas to get your mouth-watering and your brain buzzing. These meals would be a perfect option aboard your sailing catamaran or monohull yacht.

Fancy picnic on deck

Sometimes the simplest choices are the most sophisticated. Who says a fabulous meal needs any cooking? We love a deck-side picnic. You can keep it fancy with fine cheeses, fresh fruit, crisp crackers, hearty bread, and an array of other small delicacies. This type of lush picnic will keep you satiated without filling you up, and it is the ideal complement to your lifestyle of luxury on this dream holiday. Don’t forget the bubbly—a cheese and fruit picnic is not complete without glasses of chilled prosecco on hand. Cheers to your holiday!

Pasta with fresh veggies

Another simple but lovely choice is pasta tossed with fresh vegetables. This is the type of lunch or dinner that can be served either hot or cold. Pasta pairs so well with a range of colourful vegetables, and all together these make for a beautiful dish. Why not pair rotini with olives, tomatoes, and mushrooms? Top with a dash of olive oil and herbs and you’re ready to dine.

Fresh fish

There may be nothing so satisfying as cooking up the fresh catch of the day, especially if you’ve caught it yourself! If you’re planning on partaking in some of the Whitsundays great fishing, why not turn it into a delicious dinner opportunity? You can complement the fish with a variety of herbs and side dishes. Whatever your fresh catch is, there are an endless number of recipe ideas to finish off your menu.

*Make sure you’re fishing only in the permitted zones. Get the official info here.

How is this possible? Via Whitsunday Provisioning!

You may be wondering just how you can cook all of these dishes while onboard a yacht charter of several days. The solution is partnering with Whitsunday Provisioning. This local business has been around for 30+ years, supplying holidaymakers with everything they need to eat well during their visit, and at a great price. Whitsunday Provisioning can provide you with a range of food packages, including full and partial packages that cater to every budget and need, for both adults and children.

THIS is how whipping up a beautiful meal can be incredibly simple. Fresh meat, vegetables, and more, supplied in the exact amounts needed to prepare your meals. And for longer charters, a mid-week replenish is available, ensuring you’ve got fresh provisions stocked throughout your cruise.

From your breakfast to your nibbles and desserts, Whitsunday Provisioning is our trusted choice for your yacht charter meal assistance. Beverage options are additional.

For more details, head to their website.

Are you ready to charter a boat? No licence required.

No licence is required for a Yacht Charter in the Whitsundays, unlike other locations worldwide. We offer a brief training session before you head out, for either sailing or powered yachts.

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