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For many years, humans have been aware of the beneficial impacts of the sea and the shore for reinvigorating our bodies. According to history, ancient Greek physician Hippocrates was the first to officially utilise sea water as a healing agent. He coined the term Thalassotherapy which included various means of using salt water for restoration and health.

But does the sea still hold the same advantages today? Are there true health benefits to the sea? Science, and experience, say YES.

Salt, Glorious Salt

Seawater is a near magical substance. It contains almost all the essential elements including calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium. When you swim in the ocean or go snorkeling in its refreshing waters, you can absorb these vital nutrients through your skin. This helps the body stay in balance and can produce remarkable effects on the skin as well.

When you come to Whitsunday Islands for a private yacht charter, you can take advantage of these natural properties and bathe in the turquoise ocean to your heart’s content. You are sure to return home looking younger and all aglow.

Boost That Immune System

Research points to swimming in sea water as a way of increasing your white blood cell count and improving your immunity. This can be from swimming in cool water, which can have an almost “shocking” effect to the system as well as through the iodine contained in sea water which assists in fighting off bodily infections and can enhance and regulate thyroid function.You don’t even need to immerse yourself in the water to enjoy this benefit: it is believed that sea spray contains molecules of helpful iodine as well as negative ions, which also strengthen immunity.

Relax and De-stress

Perhaps one of the most obvious benefits of the sea is its role in improving mental health and in promoting relaxation. It is almost common knowledge that time spent by the sea can produce a calming effect. The sound of waves gently lapping against the shore (or the side of a yacht) can be soothing and help with better, more restful sleep, as well as lowered blood pressure and decreased muscle tension. (Swimming in temperate waters can also aid in soothing tense, tired muscles). It is clear that being on or near the incredible ocean can have remarkable effects on one’s body, mind, and spirit.

In Need of a Lift?

You may be in good health, but chances are, you, like everyone else, has gotten bogged down in the stress and hassles of everyday life. Isn’t it time you had an invigorating, blissful getaway? Why not head to the source: the most beautiful islands in Australia that are surrounded by glistening, perfect seas? The Whitsunday Islands are the finest place to explore and an ideal choice for a rejuvenating holiday escape. Let’s get you on your way to your best self with an unforgettable bareboat yacht charter. Contact our team today for more information on this life-changing opportunity.

Are you ready to charter a boat? No licence required.

No licence is required for a Yacht Charter in the Whitsundays, unlike other locations worldwide. We offer a brief training session before you head out, for either sailing or powered yachts.

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