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Suggested 14 Night Charter Itinerary

 14 Night Charter Departing from Airlie Beach

Full Itinerary

Day 1 – Airlie Beach to Cid Harbour

Sawmill Beach is a very good anchorage in anything except W-NW-N winds. In this case
anchoring in Dugong Inlet is an option in all but West winds. Sawmill Beach has a great
walking track which is not too strenuous around to Dugong Beach or if you are fit and
have the whole day consider a walk to Whitsunday Peak for spectacular views over The
Whitsundays. This anchorage is teeming with Turtles and you will also spot Sea Eagles
and the occasional Dugong!

Day 2 – Cid Harbour to Plantation/Neck Bay

Plantation Bay is a tranquil anchorage with a nice long beach to explore. Good
anchoring in NW-NE and okay in E-SE-E up to 15 knots.
Neck Bay has a great beach and you can access the other side of the island by a short
walk. There is an extensive reef, so you need to watch the tides when going into shore.
Good in S-SE winds and can be a bit rolly if it is more easterly.

Day 3 – Plantation/Neck Bay to Thomas island

There are anchorages on either side of Thomas that afford protection from all breezes up to 15-25kn except from the West. There are nice sandy beaches on either side and this island is less frequented that those to the north. Some vessels are restricted in coming this far south. Check with reservations.

Day 4 – Thomas Island to Palm Bay

The bay provides a snug anchorage but extreme care must be taken entering this bay.
Before entering please call the caretaker on 0429 873 938. A fee is payable for use of a
mooring. There is a swimming pool, toilets, showers and BBQ area, but no food or drink

Day 5 – Palm Bay to Whitehaven Beach

This 5km beach of pure white silica sand is extremely popular and a must to visit on
everyone’s itinerary. Can sometimes be rolly at night and at dusk and dawn. If on the
beach watch out for the sand-flies! Good in all breezes but N-NE.

Day 6 –  Whitehaven Beach to Hamilton Island

This resort island is located in the middle of the Whitsunday’s group and can be a great mid-charter stop over for many reasons. You are free to use all the resort facilities (pools, restaurants, showers, etc.) and there are a great many restaurants and cafés to choose from and a good range of activities to keep you amused. Fill up with water, top up the fridge & get rid of your rubbish. There is also a Doctor, General Store, Bakery, Bottle Shop, Bank, Post Office and many boutique clothing stores.

Day 7 – Hamilton Island to Cateran Bay

Good in E-SE-S-SW breezes but can be a little rolly as the wind swings more East. Best in
lighter conditions. Great snorkelling and diving in the bay. There is a pretty beach
accessible at high tide. There are public moorings in place here and anchoring is
permitted outside of the reef protection buoys.

Day 8 – Cateran Bay to Macona Inlet

The entrance to Macona is on the Port side. Almost as protected as Nara Inlet and has
some nice sand beaches to explore. Good in all winds.

Day 9 – Macona Inlet to Stonehaven

This is a really good anchorage that has 10 or so Moorings to pick up. Anchoring is also possible however it will be in fairly deep water. This anchorage is known for its bullets in strong breezes but does offer protection between NE-E-SE-S between 15 to 25 knots. There are some snorkel spots to be found here.

Day 10 – Stonehaven via Langford to Blue Pearl

When approaching Langford from Stonehaven be very careful to negotiate your path
between the special mark on the southern end of Black Island and the starboard mark
on the SE edge of Langfords sand spit. There are moorings to pick here and very good
snorkelling. Great lunchtime spot and walking along the sand spit which gets more
exposed as the tide is goes out is amazing. Protected in SW-S-SE to 15 knots.

Can be reached easily from Langford, making sure you stay on the outside of Akhurst
Island as you make your way into this anchorage. There are moorings to pick up and
some great snorkelling and diving to be found in this popular anchorage. Protected
from NE-E-SE 15-25kn this anchorage can get rolly at times.

Day 11 – Blue Pearl to Butterfly Bay

A great place to snorkel or dive. There are quite a few public moorings in these bays but anchoring can also be done outside of the reef protection markers. Bullets can be frequent in strong southerlies, so if anchoring make sure it is well set. From Butterfly you can also dinghy around to Maureen’s Cove for more beautiful snorkelling and diving. There is an abundance of fish and corals that can take you days to explore. Not a good anchorage in northerlies & fishing is not permitted.

Day 12 – Butterfly Bay to Nara Inlet

Beautiful Fjord like inlet. Entrance is on the starboard side as there is an extensive reef to
port. Nara Inlet features ancient aboriginal cave paintings with a good bush walk and
views over the inlet. Take a walk to the top of the waterfall which is spectacular after
heavy rains. Anchoring only (no moorings) with very good holding and one of the best
places for a sound night’s sleep in all conditions.

Day 13 – Nara Inlet to Happy Bay

Good in NE-E-SE-S-SW 15-25kn. Can be a good first night or last night stop over.
Moorings are available (currently $55.00). There are 20kms of walking tracks for those
wanting to stretch their legs or the on island activities include tennis, mini golf, jet skis,
parasailing, volleyball etc. Have a meal in the restaurant or café or laze by the pool
with a few drinks from the bar!

Day 14 – Happy Bay to Mays Bay

A pretty anchorage that can give a great view of the sun setting over the mainland. Caution must be taken when anchoring here as there are a few isolated bommies. The anchorage can be rolly in a more easterly breeze but suitable for conditions E-SE-S 15- 25 knots.

Day 15 – Mays Bay to Airlie Beach

Enjoy a 14nm sail back from Mays Bay to Airlie Beach.

Please note that this is a general guide only and is subject to weather conditions.

Are you ready to charter a boat? No licence required.

No licence is required for a Yacht Charter in the Whitsundays, unlike other locations worldwide. We offer a brief training session before you head out, for either sailing or powered yachts.

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