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At Queensland Yacht Charters, we have a fleet full of impressive vessels. From classic monohull yachts to sailing catamarans and power boats, we have a seaworthy craft that will take you on an adventure. All of our vessels are meticulously and expertly maintained. And, though we may be biased, each is beautiful in her own way. And yet, when you book a Whitsunday yacht charter, you will have to choose one craft to take to the waters. Which should you choose?For your consideration, today we present 6 great reasons you may wish to sail a monohull in the Whitsundays.

1. A purer sailing experience.

When one thinks of sailing, they typically envision a stately monohull, slicing through the cresting blue water with full sails. This is the epitome of a sailing vessel, and chartering a monohull can give you that “authentic” experience. Many sailors “swear by” the monohull and it certainly has an air of authority and adventure.

2. Easier handling when going upwind.

Sailing may be simple when the wind has your back, but what of when you wish to head against the breeze? In such circumstances, the monohull is undoubtedly your best bet. The hull, keel, and rig of a monohull yacht helps you to move more smoothly and easily against the wind

3. They have a traditional, timeless classic flair.

Plainly put, monohulls are stunning. Their sleek, sophisticated look feels classic and even somewhat old-fashioned. This doesn’t mean they can’t play with the big boys, however. Technology and craftsmanship has continued to advance for both monohulls and catamarans. You can expect a modern experience on this timeless vessel.

4. A crowded marina? The monohull will usually fit when a catamaran will not.

Catamarans are big and bold, but when there are other vessels in the marina, you may not be able to find space to dock. A narrower (yet still spacious) monohull, however, can solve this problem. It is generally easier to find a cosy spot in your monohull yacht, ensuring a happier voyage with less trouble.

5. A bit more eco-friendly.

With two engines, a catamaran is a powerful vessel. If you’re looking to have a “greener” vacation, however, the single-engined monohull might be more suited to your purposes. This will utilise less fuel, which is inherently more earth-friendly, and may also prove easier on the wallet.

6. Sailing with the greatest of ease.

Monohulls tend to plunge through the water seemingly without effort. Some say you’ve never truly sailed unless you’ve had the experience from the helm of a monohull. Here, you can experience the incredible responsiveness of your vessel to the wind and waves, and have a feeling unlike any other.Whether you ultimately opt for the stately monohull or the pleasant catamaran, the most important thing is that you have the holiday of your dreams in a tropical paradise.Planning a Whitsundays getaway for the upcoming Easter holiday? Consider taking advantage of our monohull special: charter any monohull yacht for at least 5 nights and receive our 10% special discount. Contact us today for more details or to reserve your vessel.

Are you ready to charter a boat? No licence required.

No licence is required for a Yacht Charter in the Whitsundays, unlike other locations worldwide. We offer a brief training session before you head out, for either sailing or powered yachts.

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