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Many first time seagoers have an important concern: how will I get to sleep at night? The truth is, you can sleep at night on the sea, and you can even get a good night’s rest on the waves. Here we’ve come up with some of the best tips for helping ease that transition from lullabies on land to siestas at sea. 1. Wear Earplugs Though you might think the soft sounds of waves crashing would lull you to sleep, the opposite is generally true, as the splash of water against the boat and the creaking noises of the ship can distract you and keep you from resting easy. A simple pair of earplugs should do the trick; blocking out all unusual sounds and allowing you to feel cosy and quiet below decks. 2. Ensure You’re Well Anchored The worry of an unsteady anchor can keep even the most practiced sailor up at night. Quell those fears by making sure your anchor is down and fastened before curling up for bed. With practice, your anchoring skills will improve, but it’s often a good idea to practice your anchoring before nightfall. Always allow plenty of rope to be dropped alongside the anchor. This allows for minimal drifting and helps push the anchor further down and become more secured. 3. Wrap in Layers Nighttime on the water has the potential to become quite chilly. You should be prepared for all conditions whilst on a boat, and in the evenings, when your body temperature tends to drop, you’re liable to become quite cold. Many people recommend packing similar sleeping gear for yacht travel as one might pack for a camping trip. Give yourself plenty of layers to make sure you can adjust for comfort sake as needed. 4. Repeat Typical Bedtime Activities If you’re hesitant or nervous about sleeping on a boat, just remember it’s like you’re sleeping anywhere. Try and maintain your normal pre-sleep routine, and your body will know it’s time to get to bed. This is a great tip for sleeping on a plane as well. Brush your teeth, wash your face, have a warm mug of tea…whatever typical activities calm your body and mind and ready you for a restful night’s sleep. These are the things you should do. Get yourself clean and comfortable before slipping between the sheets and heading off to dreamland. —– You really should have no problem sleeping on a yacht. Many people swear that the best night’s rest is to be got on a boat—the gentle movement of the boat can be very soothing and a true cure for insomnia. If you’re nervous about seasickness while onboard a ship, be sure to check out our post on tips for curing seasickness. Have a great journey!

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No licence is required for a Yacht Charter in the Whitsundays, unlike other locations worldwide. We offer a brief training session before you head out, for either sailing or powered yachts.

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