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Do you have a holiday coming up? If so, the whole of Australia is at your disposal. We live in a vast and glorious country with beauty from coast to coast. But one place stands out time and again as the most incredible, memorable, relaxing, and thrilling location of all: the Whitsunday Islands. If a tropical holiday is calling you and your loved ones, the Whitsundays are a spectacular place to visit. Yet another attractive spot in Australia calls to many travellers as well: the Gold Coast. If you’re deciding between these two destinations, we’d love to show you why choosing the Whitsundays will be the best holiday decision you ever make.

Get Closer to Nature

While the Gold Coast does have some nice beaches, if you’re looking to experience the most amazing white sand around, the Whitsundays, and particularly Whitehaven Beach are sure to please. And in these islands nature is everywhere; you’ll find no touristy buildup or faux nature. It’s all real and it’s Australia’s greatest island paradise.

Laid Back Adventure

For those wanting to “get away from it all” the clear choice is the Whitsundays. Far from crowds and the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you can truly give in to the bliss of the tropics. On a yacht charter, your only company will be your shipmates, the gently lapping waves, and the sun, moon, and stars. Can’t get more “chilled out” than that!

Avoid the Crowds

The Gold Coast is highly popular with Australians as well as international tourists. But this leads to the issue of overcrowding. Especially during the high seasons, the Gold Coast can feel overwhelming and busy. If you desire your holiday to have a different vibe (and provide you with more serenity and privacy), you’ll want to head north to the spread out Whitsunday Islands.

Ideal for Couples Travel

Families and groups love our yacht charters, but the Whitsundays as compared to the Gold Coast holds particular appeal to couples travellers. Here, romance is in the air, with turquoise seas, secluded coves, and your own intimate luxury found onboard your vessel. Families with children may enjoy the lively activity of the Gold Coast, especially if they love theme parks, but there is just as much to do in the Whitsundays for visitors of all ages. Swimming, diving, snorkelling, bushwalking, shopping, fishing, watersports, seaplane rides, and so much more can all be found right here within our 74 islands.

Freedom and Energy

Hate to be hemmed in by crowds, traffic, roads, and urban sprawl? The Whitsundays is the antidote to your stress. Here, at the helm of your private bareboat charter, you can grab life by the horns, exploring the area at your own pace and taking the time to enjoy whatever you please. We’d love to help you plan your upcoming holiday to Queensland’s Whitsunday Islands. If you’re coming soon, we’re offering a special discount on monohulls. Ask us for all the details!

Are you ready to charter a boat? No licence required.

No licence is required for a Yacht Charter in the Whitsundays, unlike other locations worldwide. We offer a brief training session before you head out, for either sailing or powered yachts.

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