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As summer gets underway in the Southern Hemisphere and the sun shines brighter and warmer, the turquoise waters off of Queensland look ever more inviting. Are you feeling drawn to set sail on a private bareboat charter? For the ultimate in luxury catamaran charter in the Whitsundays, Queensland Yacht Charters maintains a large fleet of classic sailing catamarans, ready to escort you on an incredible adventure.

The Sleek, Powerful Cat

Though our fleet includes power boats and monohulls, we have a sizeable number of catamarans. These prove extremely popular with our guests year after year, and it’s not hard to understand why. Catamarans are sleek and powerful vessels that provide a safe and pleasant voyage on a comfortable, spacious body. Moving easily through the calm waters of the Whitsundays, the double hulled bottom of the catamaran ensures a smooth and even sail. While some avid sailors swear by the delights of the monohull, many of our guests prefer the stately stability of the catamaran. The cats also tend to have more space for those onboard to move about below decks, and the split hull can present more privacy when it comes to the location of passenger cabins. The beauty of a Whitsundays catamaran charter is also shown in its manoeuvrability. With more controlled turning capabilities (due to its engine placement), it is often easier to moor your catamaran. Shallower waters are more accommodating to this type of vessel as well. This can be an asset in the islands, where you may want to put in anchor fairly close to the shore. In spots where it is permitted in the Whitsundays, a catamaran can provide you with this capability.

Some of Our Best Sailing Catamarans

Considering a catamaran charter for a special occasion? The majestic prowess of the sophisticated catamaran epitomises luxury and it will certainly bring your holiday to new heights. It’s the perfect option for a romantic getaway, Whitsunday honeymoon, or an intimate wedding. Queensland Yacht Charters boasts an impressive catamaran fleet, but there are a few standout options you may want to consider for your upcoming sailing holiday. Our Seawind 1000 is one of our most popular and affordable catamaran styles. In fact, we have two of this model. Solid and reliable, the Seawind offers everything you need for the ideal Whitsunday getaway. This 10m cat is recommended for 2 guests, but can comfortably support a family. Travelling with a large group? The Montebello 12.5 or the Seawind 1250 Seachange might be your cup of tea. Both vessels can accommodate a large number of guests (8 on the Montebello, 10 on Seachange), but can suit small groups as well. The Montebello 12.5 has a large seating space for 8 in a classy cockpit dining area. After dinner, guests will enjoy one of 4 ensuite queen cabins. Our Seawind 1250 was launched in 2010, and is a top choice of the discerning sailor. The vessel delivers stable, enjoyable sailing, and comes equipped with concertina doors that allow the indoor and outdoor spaces onboard to merge. With an expansive cockpit and 4 roomy cabins, Seachange is an excellent choice for a Whitsunday catamaran holiday. For the essence of luxury sailing, be sure to take a look at our recently launched Catana Bali 4.0. This fantastic catamaran stretches nearly 12m and is outfitted beautifully with 4 cabins, 4 showers, and plenty of room for the ultimate in stylish, adventurous sailing.

Explore the Whitsundays at their Best

There’s nothing that can compare to a sailing charter in the Whitsunday Islands. Having the freedom and flexibility that your own catamaran affords is simply the best way to visit this island paradise. And best of all, no license is required to charter a catamaran or other yacht in the Whitsundays. While some sailing experience is necessary (particularly for certain vessels), you don’t need any official documentation for a bareboat charter. This makes it easier than ever for you and your loved ones to enjoy a dream holiday under the tropical sun. Ready to book your Whitsundays catamaran charter? Peruse our array of exciting sailing vessels on our website and then contact us to book your favourite.

Are you ready to charter a boat? No licence required.

No licence is required for a Yacht Charter in the Whitsundays, unlike other locations worldwide. We offer a brief training session before you head out, for either sailing or powered yachts.

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