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You’ve done it. You’ve booked your luxurious Whitsunday yacht charter and you’re getting ready to sail away on the adventure of a lifetime. Awaiting you are 74 islands, each with a special something to offer and boasting an endless supply of insanely gorgeous views. Here in the Whitsundays the waters are calm and colourful, the beaches postcard-perfect, and the atmosphere oh-so-inviting. But to ensure you have the best holiday possible, there are a few select spots you’ll want to be certain to include on your itinerary. Of course, half the fun of a sailing holiday is exploring secluded bays and feeling like an intrepid discoverer charting a fresh new course. But while you’re conquering those hidden gems, don’t miss these 5 outstanding sights during your Whitsunday yacht charter.

Manta Ray Bay, Hook Island

On the northern end of Hook Island, you’ll find a pristine bay in an idyllic location within these magnificent islands. Manta Ray Bay is well known as a top spot to visit in the Whitsundays, and with good reason. Here, you’ll find some of the best snorkelling and diving in the region. With a network of undersea caves and valleys comprised of vibrant hard and soft coral, Manta Ray Bay is the habitat of many reef-dwelling fish and other marine species. A snorkel or dive here will showcase Maori Wrasse, angelfish, coral trout, and many more, and in the winter months, the majestic manta ray is a likely swimming companion, giving the bay its name. This 25m-deep dive site is well protected, only permitting two moorings in the site at any given time, which keeps the crowds away and ensures your tropical wildlife sightings are abundant.

Whitehaven Beach

It’s true that you can’t travel to the Whitsundays without experiencing the incomparable Whitehaven Beach. You’ve seen it in pictures (it’s one of the world’s most photographed beaches), but now that you’ve embarked on your Whitsunday yacht charter you’ll see it in person, and perhaps even walk along its warm, sandy shores. The beach stretches 7km along Whitsunday Island—the chain’s largest—and is the number one place to enjoy a romantic stroll, devour a delicious seaside picnic, or simply relax and take it all in. Once you’ve paid Whitehaven beach a visit, you’ll be wholly convinced that it is one of the world’s treasures—and perhaps you’ll have the photo evidence to prove it.

Hill Inlet, seen from Tongue Point on Whitsunday Island

The shifting tides around Whitehaven Beach and the surrounding inlet result in sandy white swirls cloaked in rich turquoise. This is an unparalleled sight in the Whitsundays, and one you definitely need to see from the right vantage point. Walking along Whitehaven Beach is an experience all its own, but to grab that iconic view, climb up to the lookout on top of Tongue Point. On a chartered yacht, you can moor in Tongue Bay and head ashore from there. It’s not a long walk, and you’ll be rewarded with the magical hues and shapes of Hill Inlet. Try to visit near low tide to reveal the most unique sand patterns, and the light of an early morning or late afternoon will give the view an extra special glow.

Cedar Creek Falls

Although it’s the islands that draw half a million people to the region each year, Airlie Beach and the other nearby areas of coastal Queensland also have plenty to offer. Before or after your Whitsunday yacht charter, take some time to explore on dry land. From the epic beaches lining the coast, to basking in a rainforest waterfall, you’ll be discovering some of the locals’ favourite places here in the Whitsundays. Cedar Creek Falls is roughly halfway between Airlie Beach and Proserpine, and feels like a different world. This natural wonder is a glimmering waterfall with a serene swimming area beneath. After you’ve trekked on some of the nearby trails, wade in for a refreshing dip surrounded by trees, birds, and butterflies.

The brilliant Whitsundays night sky

There’s nothing quite like nature to leave you breathless. In the Whitsunday Islands, the open space and lack of light pollution equates to indescribable night skies. And nowhere will these views be better than on your own private luxury yacht. With a yacht charter, you’ll have total privacy as you reflect on the endless stars and the breathtaking sky. Romance and peace is on the menu when you’ve got your own private vessel, and the night skies are truly a “can’t-be-missed” site during your Whitsunday holiday. At Queensland Yacht Charters, we’d love to help you have the getaway of a lifetime. Check out our current specials, or call for more information on our wonderful vessels and our cruising options designed to suit any holiday.

Are you ready to charter a boat? No licence required.

No licence is required for a Yacht Charter in the Whitsundays, unlike other locations worldwide. We offer a brief training session before you head out, for either sailing or powered yachts.

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