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Why Everyone Should Learn How to Sail

learn how to sail

At Queensland Yacht Charters, we obviously believe that sailing is one of the best activities in which you could invest your time. We love sailing, and we love the many benefits it brings. Sailing allows you the opportunity to have unique holidays, experience new places, and take exciting journeys.

The very act of sailing is something which brings a sense of pride to the sailor and the joy involved in such a pursuit, we feel is unparalleled anywhere else. The old cliché of needing to be muscular like Popeye to be part of a crew or sail is a thing of the past. Sailing has no age barrier. You can sail all your life at all levels, fast or slow, cruising or racing. Sailing is also a wonderful activity to do both solo and alongside the entire family. If you have the chance to do so, you should absolutely learn how to sail.

Coral Sea Marina now offers an excellent range of activities and sailing courses with their Coral Sea Academy, including Boating Basics, Sea Safety and Survival Course, How to Prevent an Emergency, and a selection of courses designed specifically for Women in Boating.

Coral Sea Academy is an initiative that provides a series of innovative events designed to educate guests, locals, and visitors to the Whitsundays about the environment, the Great Barrier Reef, wellness, better boating, and sustainability.

All events are free to join and open to the public.


learn how to sail

Sailing broadens your horizons – Literally

With sailing you are always learning! Learning about yourself, about the sea, about the elements that surround you. Sailing allows you to manage and move your own vessel, taking yourself to new locations around the world. What could be better than that? Travel is one of the main reasons to take up sailing, as it opens the door to take holidaying into your own hands. But not only does learning to sail allow you to see new places, it also expands your horizons closer to home. Acquiring a new skill allows your brain to grow and develop, helping sharpen your mind. Sailing is an activity which requires a large amount of work and focus, which teaches you the value of hard work. Further, overseeing your own vessel allows you to view things from a new perspective. Learning how all the parts of the ship function together to sail gives you a new appreciation for the work you’re doing and for the boat as a whole.

Sailing relieves stress

Although sailing can be hard work, once you get the hang of it, it is ultimately a very relaxing pastime. Breathing the sea hair is healthy and invigorating, and moving your body is exercise, which releases endorphins, boosting your happiness. There is also nothing quite as soothing as being out on the open sea with nothing but you, your boat, and the sky. The relaxing movement of the water and the glory of nature combine to make sailing an incredible stress reliever. With sailing the mind comes first , muscles after. Sailing is about feeling …. Feeling the hull going through the sea, feeling the wind, feeling the helm, and making the boat dance through the waves. Watching the sunrise, the sunset, gazing at a starry sky, enjoying the constant change of colours: the blues, the pinks, the gold. When at sea you leave all your stress behind; sailing is truly the best remedy for finding peace within.

learn how to sail

You can recharge your wellbeing

Being out on the water has a beneficial effect on happiness, health, and wellbeing, as highlighted by marine biologist Wallace J Nichols in his book, Blue Mind (a great read on board). The ocean has a calming effect and the big expansive views help quieten busy minds. There must be something in it, as some of the world’s most creative people enjoy sailing, from Einstein to Steve Jobs.

Sailing helps you face challenges

Although the wise sailor will only take to the water in excellent conditions, there are times when the unexpected happens, such as bad weather or a problem with your vessel. Though these occurrences are unlikely, learning to sail teaches you how to face these challenges head on. Once you’ve successfully dealt with a trying situation, using your own smarts, skills, and intuition, you feel powerful. Learning to navigate the unpredictable waters of the ocean teaches you to respect nature as well as to respect your own humble part in it.

learn how to sail

Sailing brings a feeling of accomplishment

Learning to sail is something which will ask for your dedication and passion. There is always something new to learn and another accomplishment to be made. Gaining the skills which will allow you to captain your own ship is a truly unique and invaluable experience. The freedom that comes with sailing brings one a vast feeling of accomplishment. The hard work pays off when you’re out on the water, enjoying the fruits of your labour.

Sail in our International locations

If you want to go on a sailing holiday in one of our International Destinations but are unsure if your sailing experience means you are qualified for a bareboat yacht charter, we’ve got some tips and advice for you.

Get onboard today and find out for yourself how sailing can truly change your life!


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Are you ready to charter a boat? No licence required.

No licence is required for a Yacht Charter in the Whitsundays, unlike other locations worldwide. We offer a brief training session before you head out, for either sailing or powered yachts.

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