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Kathy Lette Navigates the Whitsundays as a Beginner Sailor

kathy lette whitsundays

Are you a newbie? A Learner Sailor? You can experience a fabulous charter holiday like Kathy Lette and her Sisters on board Namaste our Bali 4.1!

We have a range of solutions to help get you on board as a beginner sailor, including a comprehensive boat briefing. 

Here’s what you need to know.

What is a Boat Briefing?

Prior to your Charter, attending our Boat Briefing is a compulsory requirement, whether you are an experienced sailor or sailing is a new experience. A briefing lasts approximately 4 hours and will be conducted in 2 parts. 

  • Area briefing – you are instructed on sailing safely and mindfully in our marine park. The Whitsundays is a conservation area, and some rules apply to visiting this stunningly beautiful heritage-listed area. 
  • Boat briefing –  During your boat briefing, we show you the features and unique characteristics of your boat. A catamaran, monohull or powerboat may look similar, but we can assure you that they all have their differences! We will give you local advice on places to visit with the current weather and wind forecast in mind and what conditions you can expect in different locations. We will also conduct an inventory and equipment check with you to ensure everything is on board, in place and working before you depart. (This is the best time to ask lots of questions and to have any of your concerns addressed).
kathy lette whitsundays

What Sailing Experience Do I Need?

To charter a sailing vessel, you will need to have sailing experience and be competent in handling a sailing vessel in most conditions. Alternatively, if you only have powerboating experience, we would recommend this option and can suggest suitable power vessels.

Basic Navigation skills, along with anchoring and sail reefing are also minimum requirements. Formal qualifications are not required to charter most of our vessels, although it is highly regarded if you do. If your skills are a little limited or rusty, please let us know.

kathy lette whitsundays

Sail Assistance Session 

If you are the skipper of your vessel, you are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of your crew, family and friends. Brushing up on your skills with our Sail Assistance Session is the perfect way to gain the competence you need to sail confidently. Your advisor will take you out after the morning briefing for your sail assistance session and provide instruction for around 3 hours after your initial boat briefing. In essence, it’s a valuable extension you can add to your boat briefing.

Our aim is to have the briefing and sail assistance session completed by 3 pm which will allow you to continue on your first leg of your charter itinerary with confidence and the assurance you need to enjoy your Whitsundays Charter Holiday, safely and happily. Your training will provide easy-to-follow techniques and show you the ropes! For the benefits you gain, it is well worth the time!

kathy lette whitsundays

Hire a Sail Guide

If you cannot sail or don’t want to, we can provide a sail guide to sail for you. Contact our team to find out more. 

Thank you to Kathy Lette and her sisters for the photos. Kathy and her sisters enjoyed a charter with us on Namaste some time ago. Read her hilarious account and enjoy all of her books, they are a perfect holiday read onboard! Follow Kathy Lette on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. 

kathy lette whitsundays


Call:  (02) 4946 7400 – Email: [email protected]


Call: 0457 036 756 – Email [email protected]

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any great ideas, photos, videos or feedback you would like to share with us [email protected]

Are you ready to charter a boat? No licence required.

No licence is required for a Yacht Charter in the Whitsundays, unlike other locations worldwide. We offer a brief training session before you head out, for either sailing or powered yachts.

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