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Preparing for your Whitsunday yacht charter is an exciting time. You’re anticipating days spent basking in the Queensland sunshine, looking forward to hours of idyllic snorkelling and swimming in those unparalleled waters. As you create your itinerary and schedule in plenty of activity and leisure time, you will also be sorting your belongings to decide what you’ll bring. It’s tough when a forgotten item impacts your holiday. To avoid this, and to help ensure your preparations are as easy and streamlined as possible, we’ve compiled a comprehensive packing list to ensure your holiday is the best it can be.

✓ The right bags

Soft-sided bags and luggage are preferred to handle the more limited storage space of boats. This will also prevent any damage to the vessel, as hard case luggage can cause dents, scratches, and marks.

Wild Earth makes some great bags that fit the bill. The Caribee OP’s 65L Duffle Bag might be an excellent option. Check out more possibilities on the Wild Earth website.

✓ Clothing for sailing

Swimwear is a must. When you’re not in the water, we recommend light, comfortable clothing that breathes easily (preferably cotton or bamboo). You’ll also want bathers that are easy to get in and out of (it’s not very hygienic to stay in your swimmers the whole time). The clothing you pack for sailing should be easy to put on and remove – after all, you’re going to be just a jump away from those tantalising waters. Being ready to swim is a must during your Whitsunday yacht charter. Stylish sailing-friendly clothing for both men and women can be found via retailers such as Braintree.

You should also pack for other situations, too. You may opt to stop at one of the busier islands for a bit of shopping or dining. Packing one “nicer” outfit or two should do the trick. Opt for materials that don’t require ironing and require little space for packing.

Should you choose to moor your boat and head inland on one of the many islands, you may find yourself in a tropical bush environment. Here you’ll want clothing which properly covers you and protects you from the elements. Longer sleeves and long pants will protect from branches and insects on a bushwalk, and solid footwear for walking is essential. Don a floppy hat and you’re ready to go!

Don’t forget to bring the proper footwear for sailing. Those typical “boat shoes” are perfect; whatever you choose needs to have great traction to avoid slipping and should be made from materials designed to get wet – there’s nothing worse than soggy smelly shoes!. It’s also handy if you can remove and put your sailing shoes on quickly and easily.

Leave the jewellery at home or have a secure place to keep it. No matter how secure you think they are, many pieces of jewellery come undone in the ocean.

Of course, you’ll need great swimwear for your charter adventure. For both stylish and enviro-savvy options, check out Gypsea Swimwear.

✓ Stuff to keep warm

Despite the fantastic weather in the Whitsundays, the evenings and windy days can get a bit chilly. We recommend packing a light jacket or windbreaker to help you stave off those high breezes. Blankets are not necessary as all linen is supplied onboard. Hair elastics are also a good choice for the longer hair ladies and gents to keep the hair out of the face.

✓ Protection from the sun

There’s an abundance of rays up here in sunny QLD. Some of the most important items on your Whitsunday packing list will be tools for sun protection. This includes strong, high-quality sun cream to prevent damage to your skin. You’ll definitely be spending a large number of hours outdoors (on deck, on the beaches, in the water) and you need the right lotion or cream with a suitable SPF. We recommend Soleo Organics, and even stock them on site at Queensland Yacht Charters. Don’t forget quality zinc or lip balm to also protect your lips from wind and sun, often overlooked on a yacht charter.

Hats and sunnies should also be an integral part of your packing. Hats are great to keep you cool and to protect the sensitive skin of the face from the sun’s rays. Sunglasses also serve a protective function and help you to avoid headaches. Polarised glasses are a must for cutting out glare. Having attached straps to stop your sunnies from falling off are pretty handy as well. Want to protect the earth and look great while protecting your eyes? Grab some sustainable sunnies at Grown Eyewear.

Do I need to bring towels?

Nope! There’s no need to pack towels. There are two bath towels per person on board and you can also hire beach towels from us to save on packing space

✓ Extras

While we hope you don’t experience seasickness on your Whitsunday yacht holiday, we know it does affect some of our guests. You may wish to be prepared with the right remedies on hand.

*Don’t forget your….

– Toiletries – Aim to pack toiletries that are environmentally friendly, everything you use ends up in the ocean
– Travel documents
– Moisturiser (for after the sun!)
– Earplugs (in case the sound of waves doesn’t lull you to sleep)
– Camera and spare batteries or charging leads!
– Books (if you want to devour a good novel during your holiday)
– Water bottle (stay hydrated)
– Dry bag (to keep your things water-free)

Forgotten something? We’ve got plenty of everything you need right on board your vessel. Feel free to check out our FAQ for any additional details.

All packed? We’ll see you soon on your holiday with Queensland Yacht Charters.

PS: We are not affiliated with any of the above brands or companies; they are all just great products that our staff loves & recommends.

Are you ready to charter a boat? No licence required.

No licence is required for a Yacht Charter in the Whitsundays, unlike other locations worldwide. We offer a brief training session before you head out, for either sailing or powered yachts.

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