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Why Yacht Charters are Perfect for Family Holidays

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When choosing a holiday destination for your family, you may be tired of the typical holiday options. A coastal beach holiday may be enjoyable, but it can also be repetitive. Taking guided tours is another option which may show you some exciting sites, but these can grow costly, and with a tour you have little freedom to design your own holiday. An excellent choice for a different type of family holiday is a yacht charter in Australia’s most beautiful destination: the Whitsundays.

family holiday


Spending several days or a couple weeks on a chartered yacht is an awesome experience. Those who have experienced a family holiday on a yacht charter often describe the holiday as the best they’ve taken. 

Spending time together on a boating adventure provides wonderful quality time with your family and is a great way to bond. Life on the water is a different kind of holiday, and it’s fun for a family with children to assign various “duties” onboard.

Get the kids involved in planning meals and cooking, make some fun stuff like pancakes for breakfast!

Your kids can learn how to navigate and decide where they want to go, which places they want to visit, and help drive the boat and man the dinghy.


family holiday


One of the greatest things about a Whitsunday yacht charter is the total freedom you get to create the perfect holiday. With your family at the helm, you can take your chartered yacht anywhere you wish to explore. All of our vessels come with a dinghy, and it’s a wonderful experience for the kids to take control and explore. Discover the islands at your own pace and feel like explorers venturing in to the unknown. Sail slowly around discovering secluded bays, anchor, and head onshore for some adventurous bushwalking, or spend your days swimming, snorkeling, and diving. The choice is totally up to you, you decide where to go and where to spend your days. No other holiday gives you as much power to guide your own experience.

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With your yacht charter holiday, one of the great benefits is enjoying a multitude of activities. Your family can enjoy a wide variety of adventures onshore, offshore, and in the water. This makes it easy to suit everyone’s taste and keep the whole family happy. While the kids spend time fishing, paddleboarding, swimming, and playing in the water, the adults may choose to relax onboard your chartered vessel and watch a gorgeous sunset over the water. 

It’s a chance for the kid’s to be close to nature and experience the joy of a visit of a curious white cockatoo on the boat in Nara Inlet or to meet “George” the resident Maori Wrasse of Mantaray Bay. There is nothing that beats an encounter with the turtles, dolphins playing, and manta rays skimming along in the shallows of Whitehaven Beach and to see the Whales with their babies in Whale season. There are a variety of bushwalks on the Islands with stunning views for a short family stroll or a longer challenging walk for the more adventurous. 

Sailing is an opportunity to learn first-hand about the reef eco-systems and the diversity of the wildlife and marine life in the Whitsundays. For some real family time, get together on the deck at night, with a hot chocolate and gaze at the stars, marvel at the impressive Milky Way and point out your favourite constellation, without the city lights to dim the view.

Whatever your preferences, a yacht in the Whitsundays will accommodate your needs.

family holiday


For a family holiday, a yacht charter is a surprisingly affordable option. Chartering a yacht is akin to an all-inclusive deal, as your transport and accommodation costs are rolled into one, and you save on paying for costly tours and activities. While providing and preparing your own food onboard, you can save money on dining out.

For a little civilisation head ashore to Hamilton Island for the night, to spend the day around the pool, exploring the island, grabbing a few supplies, a real coffee and a cake from the bakery, or a pizza with the kids, and enjoy a cocktail together in the evening for a little adult time. With the benefits of a self-contained package, you can save money, hassle, and time, and spend your precious holiday hours spending time the way you and your family choose.

family holiday


For unique and memorable holiday experiences, nothing compares to a Whitsundays yacht charter. If you’re looking for a wonderful adventure on the water with your family or with friends, contact us at Queensland Yacht Charters today to learn about our offers, and to check out our amazing fleet of boats. With us, you’ll be excited to charter a yacht and take control of your own holiday voyage.

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Yacht, Queensland. Onboard a yacht is always nice, Queensland Yacht Charters offer catamarans for hire. We sailed the Whitsundays for 4 glorious days. As a family this couldn’t have been a more fun idea, snorkeling, whale watching and sunsets on deck.”

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Are you ready to charter a boat? No licence required.

No licence is required for a Yacht Charter in the Whitsundays, unlike other locations worldwide. We offer a brief training session before you head out, for either sailing or powered yachts.

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